Logger has a number of Shortcuts action you can use.

Tip: Read and learn more about Shortcuts and how to use the Shortcuts app in Apple’s Shortcuts User Guide.

Log Message

Log messages to the console

Log Conditional Message

Log one message if the condition is true, log another if it is not

Log Device Details

Log details about the device the message is being logged from

Log Files

Log the filename, file size, type identifier and local URL of the given files. Optionally provide a message which will be logged alongside the file information. You can provide an error message if the files parameter is empty

Log Images

Logs thumbnails of the given images to the console

Log Internet Connection

Checks the internet connection and logs a warning if disconnected

Output Messages

Output all messages as markdown

Start Logging

Start or stop logging

Delete Tags

Clear all tags or delete a specific one

Clear Messages

Delete all the logged messages